"Being manipulative and physically abusing people must be exhausting."

Manipulative people hate being pointed out and I realized that, they’ll talk about someone else or another situation to take the focus off them.

There are bunch of douchebag on the internet explicitly exploiting people in your promotional activities without their consent is just plainly rude and disrespectful, some people just need to stop being manipulative ‘really.’

This was a great opportunity to make the casual, younger part of community more aware of the risks they may run into by being online in today's day and age, and how to avoid manipulative behaviour.

When you have such a young audience you have to be very mindful of the way you word the things you say, jokes and lighthearted commentary have no place when discussing sexism.” — When shit like this happens, you listen and spread awareness.

There were just bad vibes overall, I blocked where I could. Some people were genuine and I respect that they were civil but a lot of them were just insufferable. It really went too far, timing their attack when I was being vulnerable. It’s manipulative and vile shits.

I really want people to free themselves from the shackles of being manipulative or dishonest and calling it “player.”

Keeping it P isn’t about being a messy person with a messy ass life, it’s about being realistic. Honest about who you are, what you want and standing on it.

I hate how soft people are these days, everything is: "gaslighting, manipulative, toxic, not politically correct, offensive, etc. etc." — Feels like people just love being the victim of their sob-stories saga.

Far I know, manipulative people don't question themselves. The role they play or take responsibility for their actions, they always see the problem as being external and their the victim.

We are such a fucked up generation for being so quick at labelling people as "manipulative" and "toxic" only for demanding and asserting their boundaries and the right for their time as a lover. Y'all should just stay single I swear!

Gone are the days where I allow people around me who are find safety in being manipulative, petty, judgmental and any other vibe other than high. That’s towards me or others, get uncomfortable, grow and elevate or move.

I also get so angry when I see people being manipulative and abusive, regardless of gender. I've been saying it for a while but today just cemented it. People drama on social media behaivour is toxic and disgusting.

I’m about little drunk and I just gotta say that it’s okay to trust yourself, if it feels like the people around you are gaslighting you and being manipulative, chances are that’s what’s happening.

If it gets to the point where you have to defend yourself, its real. Don’t let anyone!

  • convince you that you’re just used to abuse so you see it places it doesn’t exist.
  • you are used to abuse, so you know it when you see it.
  • trust your instincts, defend yourself against anyone who is hurting you.
  • don’t let people get into your mind and talk you in to thinking you

Are just damaged goods that can’t be right for others, you are strong and if you need a little bit of support or reassurance to understand that then that’s okay.” — That’s normal, what you shouldn’t do is rely on others to give you your own self worth. You are worth love and valid!

I still mad I lost almost an entire friend group because of people not asking my side of the story and people being manipulative and calling me a leach. "I absolutely hate it when toxic people who put so much energy into being manipulative on social media."

Karma will hurt you wherever it hurts the most, doing spells and lying on people also being manipulative is not worth it. Something about abusive people and their manipulative ways being brought to light that just makes my heart so fucking happy.

Stay one place and be a good person let people love you genuinely, stop being a sad and manipulative human being. The fact that you have problems with everybody goes a long way to tell about who you are, it’s not a stain on those other people.

Know this and know peace, love.

"Lowkey tired of being too honest with people and getting judged for it, I’m ready to start being manipulative again."

People who come onto social media and attack others do so as a manipulative strategy that attempts to obfuscate the weakness of their own intellectual capacity, being nasty is their therapeutic refuge *which is sucks

There is a difference between 'going after people to intentionally manipulate' them and 'staying in your lane' also being manipulative to win the heart of others when trouble comes your way.

"I prefer to be successful and hard working men rather than being manipulative to get things my way work hard to achieve success don't relay and stab people in the back to get to the top."

  • i don’t believe in normal, ordinary and the status quo.
  • i question everything even myself, i embody what I wish to see in others.
  • i’m an optimistic emo-motherfucker and that will never change.
  • i’m problematic asshole *you named it*
  • i wear my emotions, i’m the outcast of the outcasts. a human anomaly!

I feel like an alien who just happens to look human enough, possessed by a demon because I don’t run from the dark.” — Broken so many times I’ve forgotten how I go back together, yet I love with all my heart and truly care about people also keep trying when failure feels inevitable.

"Is this why I’m so easy to forget about?" — So unloveable. I’ve been told many times I’m difficult, annoying, needy, even manipulative.

So easy to find malice in a lonely misfit I suppose, just easier to dismiss and move on. Being homeless taught me a lot about my worth to people.

Once you finally have a solid sense of self worth and respect, you start to notice more when people are trying to manipulate you and it will either be insulting or if you’re anything like me amusing. Either way, love yourself so you can avoid manipulative motherfucker’s!

Please let people enjoy the internet, stop telling others who they should interact with or who they shouldn't. Stop with the emotional blackmail, we all are here fo have fun and relief some stress from adult life outside IG/Twitter.

Sorry for the negativity, but sometime I'm tired of people coming for me to tell me who to block or interact with ans it makes me so sad seeing my moots being rackeeted by manipulative people who tells them to not talk with others just because they don't get along with. — "What the fuck?"

Being friends with people who are less privileged or uneducated is not an issue, not until they start taking you for granted and using manipulative stunts on you. Lesson learnt the hard way folks.”

I got to thinking about dramatic couple moments, the typical moment being the "you wouldn't do this if you loved me!" and "i'm doing this because i love you!" argument.

"Are the definitions of love different for these people or are they both just manipulative or melodramatic people?"